I’m Laine, a fortysomething former English major who is cautiously starting a blog after being told “you should write a blog!” several times. (I am fully aware that this is most likely a polite way of telling me I talk too much.) I live with my husband, Charlie; Dennis, a cat with abandonment issues; and Freckles, another cat, but with food issues. (Anyone know a cat shrink?)

In the spirit of full disclosure and transparency, I will admit I am neither fully disclosing nor transparent: Laine Keeney is a pseudonym. Why not use my real name? Well, there are people out there in my real life who don’t know I cuss as much as I do, and I’m chickenshit. Or I could be in the witness protection program. Either or.

1 thought on “About”

  1. Ha! My kind of writer! I figure if we don’t swear in our blogs we’ll get explosive diarrhea in every day life.

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