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A phone conversation I just had with my mother:

Mom: What are you up to today?
Laine: *list of chores and work*
M: When are you going to come over and see the new car we bought?
L: I’m not sure. Soon, but not today.
M: Oh, but you have to. Come anytime.
L: I’m sorry, but I really can’t today.
M: Yes. I want you to.
L: Again, I can’t. Another time.
M: That’s a disappointment.
L: That should pretty much be my middle name when it comes to you.
M: Yes, that’s true.
L: Wow, thanks a lot, Mom.
M: Well, I’m used to children who do things for their mothers.

When this led to me having an angry sounding tone in my voice, she asked me what was wrong.

L: Well, you just called me a disappointment.
M: No, I did not.