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Chapter Nine

Far away, a tall man with hair the color of coal stood by a large window, watching the sun set. As darkness seemed to completely envelop him, he turned from the sight. He walked toward the doorway and called, “Jarvis!”

A shorter, stocky man with graying hair quickly entered the room. “Yes, master?”

“I will have some wine, Jarvis.”

“Very good, Master Rado. Right away.”

Jarvis left, and Rado’s thoughts began to drift. His first thought was of his beloved, his Dalia. Oh, how he grieved for her! He knew that no other woman could ever take her place. But what of the son she bore?

“My only son,” he thought. “Where are you? Do you live?”

For many years Rado had sent Western spies to the other domain to find him, but no luck. He knew that if he could find his son, and saw him worthy of it, he would be his only heir.

He remembered his son, four years old, with hair the color of gold and eyes like the sea. Just like his mother.

“And he would also inherit the golden sphere,” thought Rado. With that thought, he reached into his cloak and brought out a golden, glowing bauble.

“The ultimate in sorcery power. With this I could control the world. And I will. As soon as my Western troops devastate as many of their villages as possible, then—”

“Excuse me, my lord,” said Jarvis, bursting into the room looking harried.

“What is it, Jarvis?”

“There have been reports from many of your ships that a band of foreign ships is headed this way. They are reported to be from the enemy domain.”

To Jarvis’s surprise, a smile came to Rado’s face. “So, the little people want to come and play, eh? Let them come!” With that, Rado turned on his heel and walked out of the room.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

Activity stormed through the ship as Adrienne assembled her gear. They were approaching the Western domain very rapidly, and all knew that they were sure to be attacked.

When Adrienne finished, she sat down next to Cochran and waited for the first enemy ship to be sighted. “Why do I feel like I have been here before?” thought Adrienne, looking at the Western land. “Why does it all seem so familiar?”

“First ship sighted!” someone called, and Adrienne stood at the ready. The ship approached quickly, and they were soon side by side. Many Western men began to jump onboard, and blood began to be shed.

“Toran be with you,” said Cochran to Adrienne, and ran off.

Suddenly, a Western man jumped in front of Adrienne with a drawn sword. He sneered at her and said, “A young lass, eh? Oh, you’ll be a nice prize.” As he said this, Adrienne drew her sword.

The man lunged at her, but she blocked the blow. He came at her again, and she nimbly ducked out of the way.

“You’re a tricky one—just the way I like ’em,” said the man. He grasped his sword with both hands and swung it at her with such force that it sent her reeling backwards.

As she tried to recover, the man caught Adrienne around the waist. He made her drop her sword, and then pulled her head back by her long, curly black hair.

“’Tis such a pity that I must kill you. One with beauty such as yours should not be wasted.” As he said this, the man drew a dagger and held it at her throat.

Suddenly, the man’s eyes widened. “No!” he said and let go of her. “The pain!” he screamed and doubled over, holding his side from the spell Adrienne had used on him. Adrienne grabbed him by the neck and said quietly, “Then I shall end your pain.” She sunk his own dagger deep into his breast.

She turned to find Jacob standing there, his arm slashed and bloody, his sword dripping with blood. He stared at her for a moment, and then said, “Are you all right?”

“Yes. I am fine.”

“Thank the Gods. Good news—we did it! We overcame them, Adrienne. Now we can go and find their master.”

Chills went down Adrienne’s spine as he said this, and she wondered why.

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