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When I started this blog at the beginning of the year, I wasn’t sure how it would go. Would I like writing, or would it be hard to come up with something to write about every week? Happily, I’ve found it enjoyable to the point that I want to do even more writing. But what? A book? Fiction, nonfiction? I don’t know.

I do know that I like writing in small bites, like the essays I publish here. Embarking on writing a several-hundred-page book sounds overwhelming, but several hundred words? Much more doable. With that in mind, I came up with the idea of using the serial format. I would write a story, but it would be presented a bit at a time each week.

With that decided, I then freaked out. But what am I going to write about? Eeek eeek eeek! But, wait. I have something I wrote a long time ago–in 1988, to be exact–that I can publish here in serial form! Perhaps revisiting something I wrote when I was 17, as a final paper for my Fantasy/Science Fiction class, will get the writing juices flowing. Plus, it will be a hoot.

So here I present to you, in its completely original, unedited glory, my unnamed story. I’ll publish another chapter every week until it’s done (for a total of 13). As you read, remember how young I was and don’t judge too harshly. (However, I did get an A+, so it can’t be that bad, right?) Also, full disclosure: I borrowed some ideas and character names from my favorite fantasy books at the time.

Chapter One

In the beginning, when the Earth was young, there was nothing but desolation. The mother sun and father moon looked down upon all the blackness and decided it was time to bring it to life. So they sent down their four children, Toran, Barak, Niero, and Galdra, to accomplish the task. When they arrived, they found that there were indeed living creatures on the Earth, but they were lost souls with no one to follow, and they aimlessly roamed the Earth.

Each of the four claimed a land of their own, and the people with it, and these people considered them to be their Gods. Toran moved to the North and was lord of the people there. Barak travelled to the South. Niero and his sister Galdra took the Eastern and Western lands respectively, and throughout all the Earth the people revered the four Gods with fear and love.

The Gods began to get older, and since their lands had all prospered and the people were happy, the four Gods decided to go back to their mother and father in the heavens. The four knew that it was time for their “children” to learn to live on their own. Much sadness and sorrow crossed the lands at this time, and the people wept and begged them not to leave. Before they knew it, the Gods were gone.

Many years and generations passed, and soon the people began to learn to live without the Gods. The Gods looked on from their domain in the sky and were pleased to see that their children were happy. Then, one day the Gods looked down upon their lands and found that all was not well within their domain.

One single man had taken over the Western lands and had turned the people living there to evil ways. His name was Rado. He was a tall, dark man who had always opposed the Gods and their leadership over the people of the land. He had always resented them, and now he had made his move against the West, Galdra’s land.

Where before there had always been a feeling of brotherhood between the four lands, now the lands of the North, East, and South joined in alliance against the West, and a great war broke out. Many were slain, and the Gods chose not to interfere.

But then, one day the sky grew dark, and all was silent. The fighting had ceased. Rado had climbed to the top of the highest mountain in all the lands, and he called to the Gods at the top of his voice.

“Listen my ‘Gods,’ and prepare to meet your destruction! Your power may be great, and you may be strong, but I have something in my possession—something that will end your reign forever!”

And with that, Rado held aloft a golden sphere, and it lit up all the lands like the mother sun. Rado seemed to grow to all those who could behold him, and he became more terrifying than he had been before. Lightning shook through the sky, and all hid their faces in terror and despair.

Then, Rado screamed a command, and the Earth shook and cracked. Many were killed, and that evening the sun set on desolation like that of which when the Earth was dead.

Come back next Thursday for chapter 2!