Did you know that today, January 29, 2015, is Curmudgeons Day? That’s right, a holiday just for the grumpy. But, wait. It is also Puzzle Day, Freethinkers Day, and Corn Chip Day.

Say what?

It seems like every other day one of my Facebook friends posts something like “Happy Hot Dog Day!” or “Today is Cupcake Day, so I know what I’m having for dinner,” so this curmudgeon/puzzle/freethinker/corn chip thing isn’t an anomaly. In fact, there’s even a website devoted to this every-day-is-a-holiday phenomenon: daysoftheyear.com.

We’re all familiar with the more obscure and less celebrated holidays, such as Flag Day and Arbor Day, that actually appear on a standard calendar. However, I’m at a loss as how I’m supposed to respond to Car Insurance Day (February 1) and Weed Appreciation Day (March 28). (Seriously? Why in the world would anyone want to appreciate weeds? If you’ve ever spent hours pulling those effers out of your flower beds, you know what I’m talking about.)

I’m all for happiness and celebration, but I have to wonder if celebrating every last little dingety-dang thing (weeds? Smh.) tends to dilute what we really should be celebrating. If we’re continuously blowing kazoos and throwing confetti, after a while will we even be able to recognize what is truly momentous?

With that said, in honor of the day I’m going to grab a bowl of corn chips and yell at kids to get off my lawn.