Do you ever wonder if you’re one of those people? Not just one of those people, but one of those people. Someone who:

  • energetically sings and plays drums on the steering wheel at red lights, hoping that the people in adjacent cars don’t notice
  • farts in the Target clearance section and then scurries to another department so she won’t get busted
  • tells the Starbucks barista the name to write on her cup is Veruca Salt, and after mentioning Willy Wonka because the barista asks how to spell the name, is met with a blank stare
  • talks like Lloyd Dobler from Say Anything in social situations (“He’s got this nervous talking thing.”)
  • has more effortless conversations with her cat and nine-year-olds than she does with other adults
  • sometimes wonders if toddlers have the right idea in throwing tantrums to express frustration
  • still thinks answering the phone with “Wazzzzzzzzzzzzup?” is hilarious

Nah, me neither.