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In my usual travels on the Interwebs, lately I’ve run across an ad for a game called Game of War: Fire Age. As with most ads, I didn’t pay too much attention and kept my fingertip poised, waiting to stab at the X when it appeared, but something caught my eye. In this ad, it was a real woman featured rather than the more common cartoon seen in game advertisements.

Per the ad, her name is Athena. Like the goddess of wisdom from Greek mythology Athena. I don’t know if it’s just a name or if the character is actually supposed to be the Greek goddess, but I don’t think the Athena I read about in Bulfinch’s Mythology had professionally shaped eyebrows, salon highlighted hair, and breast implants. Turns out, this is supermodel Kate Upton.

The original Athena was a goddess, yes, and I’m sure any number of superlatives can be used to describe her, but I’d bet my chin stubble that she didn’t get laser hair removal. These are superheroes, but does this always have to mean they’re superhot? There are plenty of other ways to be super, such as Athena’s wisdom. A flat-chested chubster with pimples and a unibrow can save the world, too.