I am Charlie. It rather personalizes something that happened thousands of miles away to strangers, doesn’t it? Because of a cartoon satire, people are dead. Actually, scratch that. Because of murderous terrorists, people are dead. People kill people; cartoons don’t kill people.

If we allow terror to silence artists, writers, and the press, we may as well say goodbye to beauty, culture, and truth. If we allow threats to shut down movies, like the situation with The Interview, we give up our autonomy to express ourselves and create, even if it is to create something stupid. (Full disclosure: I haven’t seen the movie. It just doesn’t sound very appealing.)

The Independent reacted to this with a cover depicting a disembodied hand, holding a bloody pen, with one–ahem–prominent finger raised in a defiant salute. Bravo, Independent, and I salute you. (Not with that finger!)